All-Natural Lip Balms

All-Natural Lip Balms


Our lip balms are made with all-natural and paraben free oils, waxes, and clean flavor oils. Try our superior lip balm, without all of those unnecessary added ingredients!


Acai Blueberry - Acai Blueberry combines the sweet juicy freshness of a ripe blueberry with the earthy "blackberry, chocolatey" taste of acai.


Going Bananas - Going bananas is another one of my favorites. Flavored like deliciously sweet overripened bananas.


Hemp - Let your mind take a deep, herbaceous dive. This lip balm mixes grass with a few lighter notes, that almost give it a sweet cola type flavor.The natural flavor in this lip balm is derived from natural ingredients only.


Orange - The taste of delicious simply sweet oranges. This lip balm is a favorite!


Strawberry Shortcake -  A perfect blend of fresh strawberries, whipped heavy cream with a hint of vanilla.


Wild Grape - Fresh ripened concord grapes makes up this classic favorite. Grape has always been my abosolute favorite flavor for everything!