Essential Oils

Essential Oils


Cedarwood: Earthy and woodsy, this essential oil provides a true cedar scent! This is one of the most popular essential oil scents used in men's fragrances today.


Sweet Orange: One of our favorite essential oils to blend with other scents. There is nothing like the sweet and uplifting smell of fresh oranges that you get from this essential oil!


Lavender: A floral and herbal lavender bouquet. This essential oil has been standardized by blending with a variety of lavender and lavadin essential oils to make up the aromatic lavender notes of 40% linalool and 42% linalyl acetate. This blending helps create a dependable aromatic experience and oil performance year to year.


These are the same all-natural essential oils we use in all of our products! All of our essential oils are steam distilled; not extracted using chemical solvents! No unknown fillers! No artificial additives!