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A story of family


Meet zozo!

Thank you for stopping by our site, and for supporting our little shop with big dreams!


I'm Anthony, owner and operator of ZOZO Soap Co. Our journey started in February of 2018! In what I deem to be the best youtube hole I've fallen into. I came across a few soaping channels, and found myself drawn to the world of soap making! Being a baker since the 10th grade, and having worked in the field ever since, I found soaping to be similar in so many ways! I decided, after months of watching different videos, channels, and reading tons of literature, to finally go and buy myself a cold-process soap making kit from the local soap supply store. So, I took a week off of work, and spent that time watching more videos and then taking the first plunge into soap making! It was awesome! I found another calling; something that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life!  Working in small batches, and 500+ bars of soap later, I was able to formulate what are now our base soaping recipes.


Years later, using my doggy daughter Zoey's name as inspiration, ZOZO Soap Co. was born!

It was in 2020, after being furloughed and eventually terminated from my job of 13 years, due to lack of work available, I decided to make this my full-time job.

It's a lot of work for one person! So, when the demand calls for it, my momma is always willing to lend a helping hand! It's to her I owe every success, for without her, I don't know where I'd be. I love you mom!

Thanks for taking the time to read our story, and I want to thank you personally for giving us a chance to show you what we're about.

- Anthony Santi

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