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White Tea Ginger Room & Linen Spray

White Tea Ginger Room & Linen Spray


Elevate your space with the harmonious and invigorating aroma of our White Tea Ginger Room & Linen Spray. This delightful spray is a sophisticated blend of white tea, yuzu, and ginger, with subtle hints of bergamot, Earl Grey tea, and rose, creating a refreshing and complex ambiance in any room.


Whether you're spritzing it on your linens, curtains, or in the air, the delicate and exotic notes of this spray will infuse your space with a sense of tranquility and sophistication. White tea is known for its calming and aromatic qualities, while the zest of yuzu and the warmth of ginger add a bright and invigorating touch, making this spray the perfect choice for creating an atmosphere of elegance and refinement in your home. Let the White Tea Ginger Room & Linen Spray transport you to a fragrant sanctuary of tranquility and taste.

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