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Gardenia Tuberose Room & Linen Spray

Gardenia Tuberose Room & Linen Spray


Elevate your space with the exquisite fragrance of our Gardenia Tuberose Room & Linen Spray. This spray captures the essence of blooming gardenias and lush tuberoses, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere in any room.


Whether you're spritzing it on your linens, curtains, or in the air, the sweet and floral notes of this spray will infuse your space with the lush, heady scents of a garden in full bloom. Gardenia and tuberose are known for their captivating and romantic qualities, making this spray the perfect choice for setting a mood of elegance and luxury in your home. Let the Gardenia Tuberose Room & Linen Spray transport you to a fragrant garden paradise and add a touch of romance to your surroundings.

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